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Privacy statement IECC                                                  

This statement applies to all services provided by IECC.
IECC with its registered office at Benoordenhoutseweg 21-23, 2596 BA, The Hague, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands, EU, is responsible for the processing of personal data as mentioned in this privacy statement.

Personal data we process
IECC processes your personal data because you use our services and/or because you have provided it to us.
Data which IECC may need from you or is necessary with regard to the objectives as listed below and that IECC in any case and at least processes include:

Does IECC also process special personal data?
Special personal data concerns sensitive data, for example about your health or a criminal record, ethnical data or data concerning race.
IECC does not process special personal data without your permission.

Why we need data
As soon as you have entered into an agreement with IECC we want to be of service to you in the best possible way.
We will therefore use your data for the following objectives:

We can solely use your data for any other objective than originally intended, if both objectives are closely related.

Which rules apply to the processing of personal data?
In the processing of personal data, IECC is bound by applicable laws and legislation and keeps up to date with relevant developments.
In this meaning IECC retains the right to change the privacy statement in order to link the text to the latest state of affairs, as mentioned at the end of the privacy statement.

How long do we save data?
IECC will save your data no longer than strictly necessary and in order to put into practice the objectives for which your data was collected.

Sharing with others/provision of data to third parties
IECC does not sell your data to third parties and only provides it when absolutely necessary to perform our agreement with you or if it complies with a legal obligation.
We enter into agreements with processing agents to ensure a similar level of security and confidentiality of your data.

Record of website visits (public section)
IECC only uses technical and functional cookies.
A cookie is a tiny text file that is saved on your computer, tablet or smartphone when you visit our websites for the first time.
The cookies we use are necessary for the technical processing of the websites and for your ease of use.
They ensure that the websites function properly and remember your configuration preferences.
You are able to deregister cookies by configuring your internet browser in such a way that cookies are no longer saved.
In addition, you can delete all information that was earlier saved by changing your browser settings.

View, change or delete data
Naturally, you always have the possibility to view, correct or delete all personal data known to us.
Hereto you can send a specified request to box1999@sottrazionediminori.it

IECC places great store to the security and protection of your personal data.
IECC has installed fitting technical and organizational measures to secure your personal data and protect it against loss, change, abuse or any (other) form of wrongful processing.
Each person, who has access to personal data at IECC and/or processes it, is obliged to non-disclosure of this data, in as far as applicable laws and legislation do not stipulate differently.
In case IECC uses third parties, IECC will set up agreements in relation to the necessary security measures within the scope of the protection of personal data.
If the impression exists that your personal data is insufficiently protected or indications of abuse are present, please contact us box1999@sottrazionediminori.it

Your rights with regard to privacy
When you request a viewing, correction, placement or deletion of your personal data, IECC will inform you within five days.
You can submit this request through an e-mail to box1999@sottrazionediminori.it

For questions or remarks about the processing of your personal data and this Privacy Statement, you can contact us through an e-mail to box1999@sottrazionediminori.it

This privacy statement was drawn up / modified on 01-01-2023 by IECC and ZZP-Nederland.

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Si sconsiglia vivamente di gestire autonomamente la situazione. 
Le misure potrebbero essere illegali e potrebbero ritardare il ritorno del bambino. 
I tentativi di riavere il bambino/i con la forza da altri paesi potrebbero:

  • Mettere in pericolo voi, il vostro bambino(i) e altri;
  • Pregiudicare eventuali sforzi giudiziari futuri che potrebbero rendersi necessari nel caso in cui voi stessi siate vittima di tali rapimenti;
  • Potreste rischiare la reclusione per molti anni! Voi e i vostri complici.

Infine, non vi è alcuna garanzia che la catena dei rapimenti termini con quello commesso da voi.
Un genitore che ha rapito con la forza deve costantemente nascondere il luogo in cui vive, nella costante paura che il bambino possa essere rapito nuovamente con la forza.
Se state pensando a intraprendere tali misure disperate, vi consigliamo di prendere in considerazione il trauma emotivo inflitto a un bambino che è vittima di un sequestro violento e di un violento ri-sequestro.
Sconsigliamo i ri-rapimenti violenti, non solo perché illegali, ma perché causa di possibili danni psicologici per il bambino.

Noi non usiamo metodi illegali, interveniamo in un altro modo.
Il nostro metodo di lavoro è strategicamente non-ortodosso, ma ovviamente legale e sicuro, con l’assistenza della nostra rete globale.
Il vostro caso deve essere costantemente preparato, monitorati e portato avanti (ad esempio) dalla nostra organizzazione.